And who ever decided this is a good word to label people who can’t spell, Thanks!!!

I’m going to dedicate this post to all those who have found countless spelling errors, words left out and just general grammar disasters.  Here’s the deal, I do proof read.  Like a thousand times.  I’m DYSLEXIC.  I either see no mistake, see a mistake, but don’t know how to fix it or my brain just shuts the words down completely.  Like sometimes I don’t see words.  No letters, nothing.  I love to tell stories, but getting them in written form is nearly impossible at times.  So I have decided that I need to write more.  This is what my teachers made me do in school.  They said it was exercise for my brain.  My 7 year old self could only see my brain doing push-ups and flexing.  And yes I giggled.  I have to say this, my first grade teacher may have saved my life.

I’m no spring chicken.  I grew up in the seventies.  I also grew up in a very small town in Arkansas called Mena.  Ron Howard is about to make a movie about the things that went down in my hometown.  Woohoo.  Drugs and guns.  Anyways.  So in the ’70’s it was thought that only males could have dyslexia.  They knew it was a genetic disorder.  But because girls develop and acclimate easier than boys, girls were slipping through the cracks.  By first grade I could not say my A,B, C’s.  The state testing labeled me mildly retarded.  Yeah, that happened.  But my first grade teacher luckily had had my brother in her class before I came along.  Being genetic he was also dyslexic.  Imagine that.  Only he had a different form.  He had the flipping the letters kind.  One of the easiest forms to diagnosis.  Lucky me had the kind that makes you look mildly retarded.  You see I don’t always see letters in my head.  It goes all blank.  The more stress the less likely I will ever see them.  Talk about stress getting up in front of the class for a spelling bee.  Nightmare.

But in steps Ms. Emerson.  She took me to the resource teacher and I blew them out of the water with my math skills, my science, my social studies and I had some mad puzzle skills.  I was brilliant, ok I was just really smart.  My teacher urged the resource teacher to test me for dyslexia and she did.  She was blown away.  Sadly the state did not recognize that I in fact had it, but my teacher played the system and got me the help I needed.  Thank God I had these forward thinking teachers.  There was a lot of grumbling about men and their telling us what is what.  I was in resourc classes up till 6th grade.  I got called stupid a lot and it really did a number on my self esteem, but I could read.  I was in normal classes.  I graduated.  I went to college.  The Navy took me and gave me a job.  I married and raised kids.  I run a farm.  Teachers have a hard job and I am truly thankful to those two ladies.  I also have to give props to my mom.  She bought me books that I loved and allowed me to read them over and over again.  She also bought me comic books, which developed my inner Geek.  And for all those who thought it was only a guy thing, my mom has dyslexia, hers is similar to mine.  My mom holds several degrees and she never stops reading.  My daughter, she has it too.  The Girl has the exact same form as me.  I was able to help her navigate the world of words.  She is a brilliant young lady.

As far as the farm and dyslexia, well I have to double check and triple check when reading meds.  But really it doesn’t affect me at all.  Only when I try to write about the day to day stuff and then well you guys can figure out what I’m trying to say most of the time.  I still have a great passion for reading.  I don’t do as much as I would like.  It really does help keep the connection between my eyes and my brain working good.  And writing helps to.  I’m no Steinbeck, but I do like to share things.

Katie and I can’t stop dreaming of the future of the farm.  I dream of a teaching farm.  I dream of children, adults and the elderly coming to learn about a simpler life.  In the near future I will be returning to school.  My goal is to get a degree in sustainable agriculture and be able to teach.  I already have a BS.  I was on track to be a physical science teacher working with special needs kids.   Still a passion of mine.  Maybe we can work that in there too.

So be kind when you read my post.  I hope you all have a great week.


Farming Ain’t for Everyone.

I grew up in the country. We always had a big garden and animals of all types roaming around. We had at least ten acres. My brother and I would play for hours in the field. I loved it. I always thought I would have a family and live pretty much the same way. Boy was I wrong. My parents divorced and both remarried.  Life was never the same again. As I got older the crazier my family life got and the more I wanted to get as far away as possible. I was young girl with big plans. I left home soon after graduating high school.  I went to college to become a Geologist.  I wanted to go to work for Soil and Water Conservation.  I was going to change the world.  That was until I ran out of money and still had no degree.  Crazy how that works.

That’s when I decided to join the Navy.  Again big plans.  I would be able to finish college with the GI bill and have a cool job.  I was stationed in New Orleans, LA.  Party city.  Woohoo.  The plan was to become a Seabee(it’s a construction rate).  I was going to get a school and be surveyor for the Navy.  I was going career Navy.  Go me.  Well that didn’t happen either.  I met the love of my life, ok I met my ex. I apparently got that wrong too.

So we got married and had a kid and pregnant with the second.  New Orleans was just not my idea of where I wanted to raise my kids.  And when the ex was medically discharged my dreams of career Navy were over.  We had two choices of where to move after we got out of the Navy, my hometown in Arkansas or his in Virginia.  He had no desire to live in the country and my home town was at least two hours from ANYTHING.  Rural Arkansas (pretty much sums up most of the state).  The ex was not a fan.  We wound up in Roanoke, VA.  Which is close to where he grew up.  It was a beautiful place and it had potential.  But sadly we didn’t stay there too long.  We actually moved several times (like five times) after that.  He never seemed happy.  Always chasing a dream.  His not mine.

We finally found ourselves in Greer, SC and I was done moving.  Like done, done.  I wanted a house with land.  The ex wanted a house with lots of room, so he never had to go outside.  The great outdoors didn’t call to him the way it did to me.   He referred to outside as “The Big Room”. His idea of camping was a hotel without internet. Yeah, I’m not really sure how we ever married.  Our children are conflicted on how they feel about the outdoors.  They love it, but it’s dirty and has bugs.  Oh the damage I have to undo.

Over time the ex realized I wasn’t the one and we split.  I left the 4400 sq ft home on the 1/4 acre lake lot to “The Hobbit Hole” (we just call it the Hole now).  The Hole is an old farm house, parts of it are about 100 years old.  It’s only 1400 sq ft, but every inch is used space.  Only one bathroom with a pocket door.  This totally freaked the kids out a first.  I got a lot of “how do I lock the door”.  You don’t.  Trauma.  We lucked out and it actually has four bedrooms.  Thank you God.  Best part is the land and the barn.  It’s a little over an acre and my  wonderful landlord encourages me to farm.  Whoa!!!

The ex still can’t believe I’m doing all this.  He’s cool with it.  And is surprised how involved our kids have become in it.  The Eldest likes to brag that he’s a homesteader.  It’s cute.  The Girl being a vegetarian has taken some time to come around.  She is now the keeper of the bunnies.  She loves them.  ALOT.  The Max helps a lot, but he’s still not a fan of all the dirt.  I take what I get.  We have only been at this for a couple of years.  They were much older when we moved here, so there are years and years of how things use to be.

The house was not the house we had originally intended to move into.  It’s funny how things work out. At the time it was down right scary. The house we were suppose to moved into fell through two weeks before move.  With a week to spare we found this place.  The men from the church descended on the old house and removed all my stuff and put it in the Hole.   I can’t tell you how much stuff we got rid of.  We shed 3000 sq ft of stuff.  And it felt GREAT!!!

Three years here now and I still love it.  The kids love it more than they did.  The ex moved into a cookie cutter house with his new woman.  They are happy and good for them.  That’s just not me and never will be.  I dream of lots of land, dirty hands and toes in the grass.  Simple.  I want simple.  And I think I have it.  The Girl and I did some more plotting in the barnyard last night.  We spend a lot of time out there.  I think this must be how it was in the times of our grandparents or their parents.  Sitting around discussing the farm and preparing for up coming changes.  It’s was good, real good.  My heart is happy.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


farm 002And getting a farm.

Several years ago my husband decided he didn’t want to be married anymore.  Seventeen years and he was done.  Some said it was a mid life crisis.  Well I hate to break it to them he has had a few of those while married to me.  Maybe I’m hard to live with or maybe he’s just an ass.  I’m going with the later.  Anyway.  In December our divorce was final.  Like it was over.  For reals.  Whoa.  I began to do a lot of what do I do next in my head.  How do I label myself?  Who is Melynda?  Thinking about this was never ending.  It was a long series of “First”.  First Christmas, first anniversary, first Valentines’s Day (which always sucked to begin with).  Kids had birthday, I had school meetings.  In my head these were first.  But here’s the real deal people, I have been doing this all on my own for years.  I was already a single lady who just happen to be married.  The ex did a lot of travel and he simply just let me do all the work.  Yeah, he was an ass (don’t get me wrong he was a great dad, just a lousy husband.)  So I’m done with all that.

I remember after I moved into the “Hole” (the house is kinda like a Hobbit Hole) I thought, “I want chickens.”  That Febuary 14, (yep Valentine’s Day, that’s how I roll) I got four chicks.  And a month later I got four more.  I was so excited.  Most women after their man leaves would get hair cuts, buy a new dress, date everyone, or something crazy.  Not me, I start building a farm, I planted a garden.  I started doing all the things I had wanted to do all those years.  I started being Melynda.  Whoa……

At first it was just a few plans then walks in my enablers Katie and Megan.  Over time we added Christine and then Frankie to our merry band of renegade farmers.  It’s a really nice blend of ladies.  We throw ideas off each other and vent when someone has some stupid person disrupting their lives.  Our very own support system.  I love these ladies and my life is so much better having them.  I really don’t regret my marriage, because he was the one who encouraged me to get to know Katie and Megan.  Also those great kids I have.  Life after divorce was hard, but I am happy and I’m doing what I know I’m suppose to be doing.

So what’s in my future…..Anything I want.  Who am I ……Melynda, mother, farmer, friend, one damn good person, anything and everything.  Katie and I have been doing a lot of farm talk and by next year we should be a solid working farm.  Some day we might even make some money at it.  There is a lot to get done.  We need a logo, a label, a nice website and all that legal crap.  So much to do.  Plus we have the day to day stuff to do and the prep for winter (I hear it’s going to eventful).  Everyday is a new challenge, but also a new blessing.

My kids are spending more and more time out in the barnyard.  They really enjoy the animals. The days are getting shorter and temps are getting cooler.  Fall is just around the corner.  This is my favorite time of year.  What a great time to start new.  My marriage ended before I was ready, but I have found my way to where I really needed to be.  I have found my home on an old farm at the bottom of the Hollow.  Have a great day.



These past couple of month have been hectic at best.  Life throws us curve balls and we just have to figure them out.  Things break, you start a new routine, new animals come to the farm and you get news that changes everything you had planned.  Life is rough sometimes.  I grumble a lot about this.  Sometimes I have my little pity parties and fall to the ground screaming, “Why?? Why God? Why me?”  I know everyone has those days.  I’ve been having a lot.  I’m not usually that way, but this has been a harder than usual summer for me.  Yes there is a lot going on here at the Hollow and at Katie’s, but it’s the real world creeping in on me.  But I see a light at the end of the tunnel.  This past weekend was kinda magical for me.  It brought me a great amount of joy and peace to my heart.  So here the story and how everything fell in place.

I’ve always been a “I can do this myself” kind of person.  I’m sure that was my first full sentence when I mastered speech as a young child.  I have never liked to ask for help.  I am stubborn to a fault.  This past month the washer and the mower have been broken.  I have been going to Jessie’s, the kids grandmother, house to do the laundry.  Bless that woman.  She truly is a saint.  But Friday I had had enough.  That lawn was out of control.  I had tried everything I knew to remove the wire that was preventing the blade from moving.  So I broke down and called a man from church.  This man always tells me ‘let me know if can do anything for you”.  I’ve heard that from many people and then never get any help.  But this man is different.  I told him the situation and asked if he knew someone who could help.  He was at my house 30 minutes later with tools and together we got the wire off.  I was so happy and so blown away with his eagerness to help me.  Thinking about it right now brings tears to my eyes.  I thanked him many times.  He looks around the place and I told him about plans I have, the things that need fixing.  He tells me to send him information on the washer and he was going to see how he can help me get the washer fixed. Another one going for sainthood in my book.

That afternoon I was mowing the lawn.  Woohoo.  The kids laughed at me for being so happy to mow.  Jessie took The Max to the football game.  I finished the evening chores.  Dinner was done and the kids were doing their own thing.   Life was looking a little more promising.  I looked around the property and began thinking of all the things that need to get done for the up coming winter.  I live less than a mile from the High School, so I hear the crowd cheer and the lights make the sky glow.  There were still a few fireflies and the new kittens were meowing from the barn window for attention.  I sat there on my little pop chair and thought this is good.  This is where life is good.  It’s pure, it’s simple and it is perfect.  I went to bed with a lighter heart and slept very well.

Saturday I was able to meet the girls at market.  We caught up on things and just enjoyed being with each other.  We all split a bag of corn and that was just about the greatest thing ever.  We are easy to please sometimes.  I got home and rounded up all the kids.  We went to Skytop to get apples.  The Eldest went and this made me very happy.  So many times he has other plans.  I really miss spending time with him.  We met Katie and her family there.  It was a beautiful day.  Best part was having The Eldest and Andy to pull the cart.  Truly perfect.  I got more apples than planned and stuffed my face with apple doughnuts and apple cider.  But I did not care.  We got home and Timmy the goat had gotten out.  Surprise.  I made mental plans to reinforce the fence.  The kids help me round him up.  Other than the stupid goat it was another perfect day.

Sunday I get to church and see my lawn mower fixing friend.  He tells me to get my trailer out of the fence, because he had plans.  No arguments here.  Another man from the church came to me and said he had some lumber for me and asked if I needed any wood for the up coming winter.  Wow.  I love my church and I love my church family.  I left church feeling truly blessed.  I went to Jessie’s with more laundry and I brought cookies for Pop.  Pop is another of the blows for this month.  He has been sick for a really long time and several weeks ago I had to rush him to the hospital.  We thought he was having a stroke, but it was much worse.  We found out he had blood cancer.  There is no cure, but can be treated.  He was given about 5 years of life.  That was hard for everyone.  Pop is 74 so we know the end would come, but to know the amount of time is really hard.  Pop has been a great man in my life.  My parents divorced early and when I married the kids dad, Pop became my dad.  Jessie and Pop are my exes parents, but when our marriage ended they stuck by me and the kids.  They moved from Charleston to help me and the kids.  They dropped everything to help me.  So to hear this news broke my heart.  Pop is fighting and he is getting better.  I have started going over more and having a broken washer gives me reason to do so.  Maybe that’s really why the washer broke.

That afternoon I set out to fix the fence.  I had decided to do it one section at a time.  The Eldest came out and said he felt like being productive.  He was a tremendous help.  He pounded all the new poles in the ground and tightened the fence while attached the poles to the fence.  It was really nice.  We also spent more time together.  Later after dinner, he went to his room and The Girl and The Max came to help with evening chores.  Well The Max came to play with the kittens.  After all was done I sat on my pop chair and watched the kids trying to catch one of the ducklings.  I watched them laugh and enjoying the farm.  The Girl was telling her brother all about ducks.   He was touching something that had dirt on it (he’s majorly OCD about dirt).  The sun was setting, there was laughter in the air, gentle meows, and chirping the birds.  There was peace again.  Life was good.  My life was good.  My head and heart were happy.  Yes there is a thousand things to be done.  There will be more stress to come, but these moments, these sounds of joy, these are the things that I do this all for.  Life of a farmer is hard, it’s sad sometimes, but we know this is why we do it.  I hope all of you have a fabulous weeks and find those joyful moments.

Several months ago Katie and I went in together to buy some Bresse chicken eggs. They hatch, not a good hatch, and they didn’t all seem to Bresse standard. Long story short, I have two that fit the bill and looks like they are a boy and girl. I had high hopes to breed them when the girl starts laying.

Well Saturday morning I noticed the one was really dirty on the butt. I thought maybe it was all the rain we had had. But I pick her up and see she had a prolapse vent. Oh joy. So I took her in the house and gave her a bath and pooked it back in. Oh the fun we have here at the Hollow.  I did some research and realized I didn’t have any Preperation H. Not something I really need at the moment.

So after market I stopped at CVS and picked some up. I thought to myself to have fun with the cashier and walk up to the register like I had hemmoriods the size of melons. This made me chuckle as I plopped it down on the counter. The young man didn’t even bat an eye.  He ask for my rewards card, scans the medicine and ask if I found everything I needed.  Clearly I had.  I look at him and reply, “I sure did, oh wait I forgot the gum.”  Still stone cold and rings up the gum.

I get home and give the bird another bath and apply the medicine.  She is none too thrilled with this experience.  I explain to her it’s no picnic for me either.  I repeat this Sunday and Monday. Last night I’m thinking I’m going to have put this bird down.  I prayed to God to let this work and last night went in to check on her and low and behold her vent was still in.  Much hooting and hollering was done.  Scared the crap out of the bird, literally.  But when she crapped her vent stayed in.  I may have kissed that bird.

So this morning no bath, but did apply some more medicine.  I will never be without Preperation H again.  This stuff is amazing.  The bird will stay in the house for today, but tomorrow I will move it the barn for a week to fatten up and chill before she goes back to the run.

It’s never dull here.  Ever.  Have a great Tuesday.



chicks 004

It really is never dull here.  Ever.  Yesterday I had a batch of chicks hatch.  I was really surprised by this due to the incubator I was using really is a piece of crap.  One side was way too hot and cooked the quail eggs.  Luckily the other side had the chicks.  So far six have hatched and couple more are pipping.  But there was this fellow.  Born with scissor beak and no eye.  Crazy.  Other than that this little one is super lively and very vocal.  So the question is what to do for this one.  And before you put on your judgy pants, if this one does survive and I keep it, I will not breed it.  The genectics are tainted and I do not want to pass it on.  But I will give it a try for now.  But if it’s looking like it’s suffering I will put it down.  But still craziness I tell ya.

chicks 001

But as you can see, fat and healthy babies.  Love chicks.

Life is taken, but always comes back doubled.

It’s been a strange week.  Monday I got the news my dear friend Jim passed.  He was in his mid 80 and been fighting cancer for a long time.  His wife was my former pastor who I love just as much.  She really came through for me after my ex left.  She helped find this place I now call the Hollow.  Both of them gave me testament that there is love after a divorce or the lose a spouse.   Jim grew up in Pennsylvania.  His family was also farmers.  He and I would discuss animal care and he told some great stories.  Pator Judy would just shake her at us and let us tell farm stories.

I will miss him, but somehow I knew that last time I saw him that it would be the last.  He had fought long and hard.  I’m not sad he’s gone, I’m excited where is and that he is no longer hurting.  I am sorry for Pastor Judy and her loss of her true love.  There are people that come and go in our lives.  They all have a purpose.  Even those people who aren’t so kind, they too have a hand in who we are.  Jim was a great influence in my decision to really go forward with this way of life.  He talked about his days on the farm with fond memories.  He assured me it was not easy and not for wimps.  Then he would smile and tell me “You will do just fine.”  Those are words that I play back in my mind to keep me on the right path.

The Max turned 14 Tuesday.  My baby.  My baby is no longer a baby.  My role as a constant is coming to a close.  The kids are getting older, as am I.  Though the Max still needs much of my time, those days are getting fewer.  I’m sad about this, but also excited.  There are changes coming.  So will be hard, but they will be good.

As some know I’ve had a rough chicken week.  The constant rain makes it hard to keep the run clean.  I have been liming, mucking and laying fresh hay every day.  But a few chickens just couldn’t handle it.  I lost DQ Tuesday.  She passed in my hands.  I cried in the bantam run.  My sweet little Butter came to me.  She is a sweet little Buff Cochin.  Her boy Scotch came with her.  They stood looking at me wondering what their human was doing.  Sometime Wednesday morning I lost a young OE.  I had begun treating the two runs, but it was too late for her.  And today I had to put down another OE.  It was suffering terribly.  I had done everything I could but she was to the point of no return.  I still have another bird who I’m keeping a close eye on.  I pray she beats this.  She is a really sweet bird who just recently started laying.

I was sad for tragic way these birds died.  That’s the animal lover in me.  But the farmer in me was upset that I just lost a layer and two that were due to start laying.  But just as I think the worst I go to the bantam run and there’s Butter in her box looking at me with this confused look.  She hops out and there is an egg.  I look in the other box and there are two more eggs.  My bantams were finally laying.  I lost one laying bantam, but now there are three laying.  Thank you.  I was feeling a little better and Butter was demanding some lovin.  Which I gladly gave.  I made her promise to not die.  I told her she would break my heart.  I think she understood.

All week I’ve been fighting the Sumatras or as I have come to call them the Demon Birds.  But today as if the girls were trying to say they were sorry for the one who flogged my back side, there were three lovely eggs.  I have four hens and three are laying.  Yes.  Also all three of the Dorkings laid an egg.  It was a good egg day.


RIP DQ (Disco Queen)

There is loss in life but there is also gain.  We have to look at thing differently sometimes.  Sometimes we have to really look for the good, but if you really look I promise you will always find something good.  I am a very blessed woman.  I knew a couple who showed me love, showed me how to love and helped me find my home.  I have children who love me and think I’m a pretty good mom.  I have friends who want me around.  I have animal that give me great joy.  Yes some days are hard, but most days are awesome and make me so glad I get one more day everyday.  Good night everyone.  Have a wonderful Friday and keeping looking for that good.

None shall pass….without permission.

It is done the fence is up and the gate finished.  <doing a happy dance>



chicks 011Apparently I forgot to take a picture of it done.  Oh well, you get the idea.  Super Mut is one happy mutt.  He spent a great deal of time out there.  And he slept like a rock last night.  Snores and all. He is super pleased with the fence.  And I feel a lot more secure with it up.  Once I get the the electric fence I shouldn’t have to worry about much.

chicks 014


So this is Miss Kitty.  Well she is a he.  A castrated male.  I feel so stupid.  I had Debbie check and behold Mr. Kitty.  And all this time I thought I had one badass girl barn kitty.  Well he is pretty darn badass.

chicks 002 chicks 003These are the lastest birds.  There are three hens and a rooster.  They are Dorkings.  Are they not the cutest things ever.  This is as tall as they get.  They also have a fifth toe.  I LOVE them.  They are adorkable.  (and why did spell check say thats a real word)  They are good layers, but the eggs are not very big.  They are more for my entertainment than anything.

So no big plans for today.  It’s Youth night tonight, so I don’t want to go to the church smelling of the farm.  Back at it tomorrow.  Really pleased with how things are coming around the Hollow.  Happy Wednesday everyone.


In all it’s fluffy goodness.

babies 001

The finish line and the make shift fencing.

Spring is coming and I couldn’t be me grateful.  I spent the whole weekend getting the fence up.  I could not have done it without the help of my dear friend Debbie and her son.  Her youngest was on standby when we needed a humor break.  But we got that fence up.  At about 10 feet to where were trying to get to we ran out of fencing.  Thank God I don’t throw things out.  I found a piece that was the exact size we needed.  How perfect.  It’s not pretty, but it will do the job just fine.

The Bantam run is finally done and they love it.  They run flapping their tiny little wings.

babies 014

The rabbits are getting big.  Currently there are three litters.  Five weeks, 3 weeks and one week.

babies 015

Momma is teaching them everything they need to know. EAT…

babies 024

Hunny is finally getting this motherhood down.

babies 017

Snowy is a pro and look at how cute they are.

Moved the two month old chicks out, which meant the youngest got to move into the big brooder, which meant the quail moved to their brooder.  Crazy chicken shuffle.  I seem to be getting really good at it.

They are getting use to this outside thing.  The big room is scary.

They are getting use to this outside thing. The big room is scary.

babies 027

So much room. Well for now.

Where they should be.  Four weeks and these guys will be fully grown.  Crazy.

Where they should be. Four weeks and these guys will be fully grown. Crazy.

Just four days old.  So tiny.

Just four days old. So tiny.

My layers are really starting to lay again and most of the new layers are as well.  I got an interesting mix of eggs yesterday.  Bantam and the Sumatras are laying.  I’m really excited about that.  So much happening and so much to get done.  I work all day at the paycheck job and then put several hours in at the farm job.  In a month it will slow down, but for now I just have to deal with being tired and sore.  Oh but I’m already losing some of my winter weight.  YES!!!!  Happy Tuesday everyone.  Enjoy that sun.  I know I am.


I’ve been fighting a cold all week and right when I think I’m about to finish a project I either break something or run out of needed materials.  So I have about four projects sitting in limbo right now.  I just have say it will get done and move on.  But it hasn’t been all terrible.  Momma Hunny has babies back with her and no pee.  Yay.  And they are starting to open their eyes.  Which means they will be mobile soon.  Also Snowy had a healthy bunch of wiggles.  Beautiful colors.  That makes three batches of babies right now.  I have a total of 18 babies.  Whoa.  And of those I already have five sold.  Yay.

The Girl says they look like pigs.

The Girl says they look like pigs.

The fermented feed is going over well.  I don’t know that it will cut the feed bill in half, but it will reduce it a great deal.  Still working on the numbers with that little project.   But the birds like it and there is no waste.  At all.

This little Olive Egger is really into the new food.

This little Olive Egger is really into the new food.

We had some quail drama.  The little white A&Ms were in with the jumbos and got over pecked.  I’ve never had it happen this bad.  So separated them.  They look awful, but will fill out fine.  Also one somehow got a strand of my hair wrapped around its toe.  I had to remove the poor little ones toe.  All I gotta say is EWWW……

birds 020

During the moving of the quail I did feet check on all the birds.  This is one of the chicks I hatched.  She’s a tad on the active side.  Really pretty bird.  birds 017My EE’s and new orpingtons are starting to lay…Finally.  They seem to all want to lay in the same spot, which is not where the nest box is.  I don’t understand this.  So they form this que to get into the hole in the ground to lay an egg.  What ever I just want the eggs.

birds 004


The Sumatras are getting bigger and the tail feathers are really coming in.  I’ve been trying to sell two of the roos for some time.  People act interested and then nothing.  I have too many.  But isn’t this one lovely.

birds 015

And we come to the mystery bird.  This one was suppose to be a Barred Rock, then I thought maybe its a Silver Lace Wynedott.  Each type is on either side of this mystery bird and it look like neither.  We shall see.

birds 021It’s suppose to rain all day today and tomorrow and the temps are turning a tad cold.  But the really cold weather is behind us.  Thank you Lord.  I have a ton to do, but there will be time and I know I won’t be able to do all I want.  That’s just life.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  Happy Friday.